Type Fee
Cashiers Checks (Customers Only) $6
Night Deposit Bags (Zipper Only / Lock Bags) $5 / $25
Stop Payment Fee $35
NSF/Insufficient Funds $35
Overdraft Fee $35
Overdraft Fees Fees apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
Overdrawn Account Sent for Collection $15
Computer Print Out (No Charge for First Page) $1 per page
Fax $2 per page
Check Collections – Domestic Incoming or Outgoing $15
Check Collections – Foreign Incoming or Outgoing $30
Check Cashing Fee (Non-Customers) $5 or 1% which ever is greater
Photo Copies (No Charge for First Five Pages) $1 per page after five
Account Research $25 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Copy of Bank Statement $1 per page
Special Statement Fee $5
Fee To Close Account A fee of $20 will be assessed if account is closed less than 90 days after it was opened.
Levy or Garnishment $100
Chargeback Fee $6
Transfers (Automatic / Manual) $10 / $10
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $10
Total Customer Debits On Regular Savings accounts, after your third transfer, regardless of method, you will be charged $1.00 for each additional transfer.
Overdraft Account Sent for Collection Fee $15
Hold Mail Fee $10 per month per statement held for pickup
Dormant Account – Checking (after 12 months/no activity) $10 per month
Dormant Account – Money Market (after 12 months/no activity) $10 per month
Dormant Account – Savings (after 12 months/no activity) $5 per month
Dormant Account – Kiddie Savings (after 24 months/no activity) $5 per month
ATM Surcharge Non-Customers $3
Notary (Customer) No Charge
Notary (Non-Customer) $1 per page notarized
Fees For Debit Cards (Initial Card) No Charge
Fees For Debit Cards (Replace Damaged Card) No Charge
Fees For Debit Cards (Replace Lost or Stolen Card) $10
Wire Transfers – Domestic Incoming / Outgoing $15 / $15
Wire Transfers – Foreign Incoming / Outgoing $15 / $40
Rolled Coin Handling Fee (Business Customers Only) $.10 per roll (Min Charge $1)
Change Orders (Non Customers) $.15 per roll or strap (Min Charge $1)
Check Printing Charge Charge depends on the type of checks selected